Food Values Tuscany | Stefano Benedettelli
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Stefano Benedettelli

Prof. Stefano Benedettelli is Associate Professor of Plant and Genetics at the Department of Agrifood Production and Environmental Sciences, University of Florence. For the past decades he has investigated the applicability of multivariate statistical analyses in programmes aimed at genetic improvement.

He has worked on genetic markers to develop genetic maps of wheat, at the Plant Science Department, TAMU University, College Station, Texas, and on the evaluation of existing genetic variability in durum wheat populations at the Agroforestry Institute of C.N.R. Porano (TR) Italy.

Prof. Stefano Benedettelli’s research currently concerns wheat characterisation based on nutritional and functional properties, in order to improve the qualitative aspects of pasta and bread making. He studies salt tolerance and germoplasm conservation of wheat species, and genetic variation in reserve proteins in cultured wheat and associated wild relatives.