Food Values Tuscany | Simon Poole
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Simon Poole

Simon Poole is a full-time family physician and author based in Cambridge, UK and is a recognized authority on the Mediterranean diet, having created the first non-commercial website in the UK dedicated to it:

A General Medical Practitioner since 1992. Dr. Poole chaired the Cambridge Medical Committee for eight years, is a regional representative of the British Medical Association, a member of the Council of the Royal College of General Medical Practitioners and a contributor to many UK national public health strategy initiatives.

Dr. Poole is currently engaging in Research into the Medical aspects of the Mediterranean diet. He also contributes to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence in relation to recommendations for the Mediterranean Diet. He consults, writes and speaks to diverse audiences including patient groups, commerce, and the food industry on matters relating to the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle.

Dr. Poole studied at St Mary’s Hospital Medical School, University of London.