Food Values Tuscany | Paolo Pasquali
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Paolo Pasquali

Paolo Pasquali is the owner of Villa Campestri in Vicchio-  Europe’s only Olive Oil Resort, – and  founder of the Food Values conference with Prof. Francesco Sofi and SImon Poole.


An  innovative publisher by profession, Dr Pasqualiswitched to the hospitality and Olive Oil business ten years later, when he bought the historic Vila Campestri with the proceeds of the sale of his publishing business in 1989.  He is credited with promoting the Mediterranean Diet in Europe and of showcasing the benefits of Olive Oil with his proprietary storage and serving device, OliveToLive.


Dr Pasquali is the founder of several professional associations in Italy and Europe, including ANSPAEG  –  the National Association Free Press Free Ads; FAPIA: the Free Ads Newspaper Association; Florence Houses and Florence Motors,  and Abitare la Storia which spawned the Dublin-based  600 historic property hotel chain Historic Hotels of Europe.


Dr Pasquali has a degree in classics from Liceo Classico Cicognini di Prato., and a degree in Philosophy at the University of Florence