Food Values Tuscany | Donatella Lippi
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Donatella Lippi

Donatella LippiDonatella Lippi is Associate Professor of History of Medicine at the University of Florence, Italy. A Scholar of Classics, she specializes in Archeology at the University of Bologna,  serves as Archivistic at the University of Florence, and teaches History of Medicine at the University of Rome and Bioethics at the University of Florence. She has been the director of the Centre of Medical Humanities of the University of Florence until 2016.


Prof Lippi has been professor of the International Medical Program at the University Vita e Salute San Raffaele, Milan, and of the International Medical Course of the Milano Humanitas University, until 2016.

She has also been a visiting professor in many foreign Universities and is a member of several scientific societies and research centers in Italy and abroad.


She was Vice-president of the Italian Society of the History of Medicine until 2016 and is currently President of the Fondazione Scienza e Tecnica di Firenze and of the Lyceum Club Internazionale di Firenze.

Prof Lippi created and writs the monthly the column Evidence Based History of Medicine for the newspaper “Sole 24 Ore Sanità.”


Coordinator of the Medici Project, Prof. Lippi is the author of 300 scientific publications, among books and articles and she has been the curator of many exhibitions of art in medicine in Florence and Germany.