Food Values Tuscany | Antonia Trichopoulou
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Antonia Trichopoulou

Antonia TrichopoulouProf. Trichopoulou MD, PhD, isPresident of the Hellenic Health Foundation; Director of the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre of Nutrition at the Medical School of the University of Athens,where she is also Professor Emeritus of Nutrition.

Her scientific work has focused on public health nutrition and nutrition epidemiology, with emphasis on the health effects of the Mediterranean diet and traditional foods.


Prof.Trichopoulou has served as president of the Federation of the European Nutrition Societies (FENS) and as chair and or in leadership roles of numerous Greek, European Commission and World Health Organization committees.

She has received numerous honors and awards and was decorated by the President of the Greek Republic with the Golden Cross of Honor for her work in nutrition and public health.

In 2011, she received an achievement award from the FENS Award for her outstanding career as a nutritionist.


Prof. Trichopoulou has been included in the 2014 Thomson Reuters list of the Highly-Cited Researchers in the field of General Social Sciences.